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Help support digital arts by becoming a member of Eastern Bloc!

Eastern Bloc celebrates 10 years of supporting emerging artists, as well as pushing the creative boundaries of art, science, and technology.

By becoming a member of Eastern Bloc you have many benefits, including discounts on equipment, rental spaces and technical services. You will also automatically be entitled to a preferential rate on workshops registrations and events.

Choose the option that fits to your needs & expectations: 

Regular Membership - $50

Student Membership (please provide proof of enrollment) - $40

Lab Membership 1 year 

  • $310 regular (equivalent to $26 monthly)
  • $260 student (equivalent to $22 monthly)

Lab Membership 3 months

  • $130 regular (equivalent to $44 monthly)
  • $110 student (equivalent to $37 monthly) 

Lab Memberships

Lab Members have free access to the lab, tools and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eastern Bloc’s lab is a space for research and production. Members can use it to work on electronic projects and light manufacturing. The lab will give you access to a 3D printer, a paint oven (15 x 15 x 23 inch), a milling machine (for wood, aluminum, plastic - with a 4 x 10 inch machining area), a molding and painting room, and much more! Professional artists and students involved in research, creation and production processes of media and digital art may become Lab members of Eastern Bloc.

If you wish to become a Lab member, please contact Grégory Perrin (Lab Coordinator) at 

As a member, enjoy discounts on... 

  • Workshops
  • An exclusive rental deal! You can rent EB’s main gallery to document your artistic work ($200 for 8 to 12 hours rental)
  • Gallery rental prices, equipment and technical assistance (see price list)
  • The Darling Foundry's exhibitions! Free entrance 

In addition... 

Receive online previews and exclusive news about the center and other organizations (calls for residencies, calls for projects, etc.). You can shape EB’s future because as a member you have the right to speak and to vote at General Assemblies.


  • Online
  • Check or cash (see Membership Form for more information)

Become a member
Regular 50.00$
Student 40.00$