Per Capita

You Never Know (Les cosmos imaginaires)

20 May 2015, 20:00 - 22:00

Emmanuel Lagrange Paquet, together with Joseph Perrault, present You Never Know, an interactive performance in which visual data sensors convert the “interest points” located in the physical space of the gallery into a performative movement focused on the sonification of imaginary spaces.

The data is transformed into a constellation, woven in a contemplative visual arrangement and accompanied by an original soundtrack built with the same data.

By using the theme of stellar exploration as unknown, mysterious, fantastical and romantic poetic field, Lagrange Paquet wants to create an interactive experience that attempts to tell the story of our collective imagination in the face of cosmic space. He explores, among other things, the appropriation of mythology in Western film heritage, the aesthetics of human-machine relationships, and technology as an expression of collective imagination. Joseph Perrault is in charge with the sound environment of the work, in close collaboration with visual information.

20 May 2015, 20:00 - 22:00