Per Capita

Sight & Sound Opening

27 September 2017, 18:00 - 23:00

@ Never Apart [7049 Saint-Urbain]

  • Aliens in Green [US, SI, FR] - Audrey Samson [CA] - Dardex [CA] - Demolecularisation [FR] - Emma McCormick-Goodhart [UK] - Ernesto Oroza [US] - Exonemo [JA] [US] - Gwenola Wagon & Stephane Degoutin [FR] - James Bridle [UK] - Kelly Andres [CA] - Liam Young [UK] - Morehshin Allahyari [IR, US] & Daniel Rourke [UK] - Nicolas Nova [CH] - Peter Moosgaard [AT] - RYBN [FR] -Thomas Bégin [CA] - Yann Leguay [BE]

The opening event of the 9th edition of SIGHT + SOUND 2017, will feature interventions by Aliens in Green and Thomas Bégin, the vernissage of the exhibit and the chance to meet the local and international artists!


The participatory performance of Aliens in Green examines the alienating impact of endocrine disrupters through a DIY extraction ritual of the collective hormones secreted in the urine. By observing the active substances of various origins that cross us, it interrogates the dominant constructs of the definition of what is natural (Bureau d'études, Ewen Chardronnet, Mary Maggic, Julien Paris, Spela Petric). 



Thomas Bégin and its Robotic Trolley -  a remote-controlled motorized shopping cart with a robotic arm  - will guide you through a journey from Never Apart to Eastern Bloc! 



Under the theme NON-COMPLIANT FUTURES, Sight + Sound festival 2017 will perform an autopsy of the grand narrative of innovation, the very one which promised us a radiant future dependent upon hyperconsumption, techno-positivism, digital colonialism, and the myth of infinite growth.

With over thirty international guests, the festival program, curated by, will question the standardized imaginaries of the future and highlight intersecting paths and strategies that aim to reveal, perturb, and pervert the cult of innovation.

Sight + Sound 2017 calls to break free from a linear notion of progress and, rather, re-introduce concepts such as degrowth and maintainability to the core of our vision of the future. It is also an invitation to embrace our alien-becoming, which we are already collectively enduring with the whole of human and non-human life.

Together with artists, activists, performers, and theorists, NON-COMPLIANT FUTURES inhabits this tsunami of capitalism and human action by populating it with a host of artistic alternatives — rather unlikely but preferable possibilities that will act as the basis to broader debate and critical projections into the future.

CURATION  / DISNOVATION.ORG is a working group based in Paris, initiated by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. At the crossroads of contemporary art, research and hacking, the collective develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the ideology of innovation and stimulating the emergence of alternative narratives. They recently edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy.


27 September 2017, 18:00 - 23:00

@ Never Apart [7049 Saint-Urbain]