Per Capita

Digital Survivalism

11 May 2013, 13:00 - 18:00

  • Jean-Baptiste Bayle [FR
  • PT]

Each day, our communications are recorded and analyzed while the gigantic centralized structures of the web track our activities in order to better monitor our profiles. The trap of programmed obsolescence forces us into the grips of a technology that is gaining more and more control over our lives. Without becoming specialists, how can we adopt ethical, conscious, active and reactive standpoints against global surveillance? Which tactics and uses can our daily tools offer us in order to make a difference and prevent us from becoming unwilling collaborators in a permanent inquisition? What are the alternatives to Google, Facebook, Skype, MSN, and Apple? The participants of this workshop will be given a tour of “Digital Survivalism” through an introduction to the philosophies of open-source software and Creative Commons. Bayle and the participants will debate the online uses of these tools and will propose a few ethical and responsible “de-updates” that do not necessitate any particular expertise related to the choices and configurations of exploitation systems, communications and sharing tools. Bayle will also present a case study of the “Quadrature du Net,” a citizen’s group dedicated to the protection of people’s rights in the information age. The workshop will also present an opportunity to plan or implement a liberating act.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants and is open to all.

11 May 2013, 13:00 - 18:00