Per Capita


24 - 26 October 2019

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]

Navid Navab I tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis

In search of the hidden mysteries of matter from the borders of table-top astrophysics and natural fiction, three microcosms orchestrate states of sensory access to the phenomenological emergence of order out of chaos.

tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis is an installation that invites participants to intimately encounter the ontogenesis of vital patterns through the spontaneous formation of temporal textures that emerge from material-energy fields. Physically investigated through collaboration with forces of complex harmonic motion, patterns-of-interaction between magnetism, gravity, and light spiral out of theories of complexity and into an improvisatory dance of hallucinatory forms. Eventually, the kinetic event unveils messy realness chaosing into balance: things doing… stuff seeking a minimum-energy-state under magnetic flux. Sensually binding, spatially confusing, and temporally unsettling, tangibleFlux pulls everything into immediate vibrational relation with its vertiginous ritual. Each microcosm engages unique entanglements.

Sam Bourgault and Emma Forgues I "Pero sans Cimon"

In a contemporary context, the female body appears afflicted by a technological transition: artificial intelligence, sexual machines, and personal assistants are often marked as female. Progress does not not seem to move away from binary culture, heteronormativity and gender stereotypes. The idea of the female body as machine goes back to the first century BCE, with one of the first occurrences told through the story of “Roman Charity” (1610-14). In this tale, Pero, the daughter of Cimon---who has been condemned to die from starvation----dedicates herself to visit and clandestinely breastfeed the man each day. This story is told as an example of filial piety, but could also be perceived as a way to enchain women to patriarchy and to the commodification of their bodies.

Audiotopie I SILO

SILO (Sound Interaction Light Object) is an interactive installation that explores the notion of place and the way it is created through a sound universe activated and improvised by the public. Each SILO bench produces sound and light to generate a sensory environment that evolves according to the interactions of the public with the installation. The shape and layout of the benches create a unique and dynamic space for exchange and interaction.

Gijs Gieskes I Perma - Patch

Perma-Patch is a project that originated when Gieskes was playing concerts using Game Boys running Little Sound Dj (LSDj): a sequencing application that allows you make 4-track music using the Game Boy sound chip. During the Sight & Sound performance, Game Boys will play music Gieskes pre-programmed during 2005 and 2009, accompanied by machine-generated visuals designed by Gieskes. Ultimately, Gieskes aims to build machines that will replace the Game Boy and its hardware, with each device becoming its own song, like a music box seen from inside.

Creations from the E-Textile workshop given by Mariela Yeregui
A collaborative tapestry which collects personal secrets from participants during the workshop, "Confessional Textile." Comprised of the textile techniques and electronic mechanisms produced during the workshop, the final result is a collective tapestry that discloses our unavoidable secrets.
* on Friday Oct 25 & Saturday Oct 26 only

Opening Hours

Thursday Oct 24 I 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Friday Oct 25 I 10.00 a.m.- 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Saturday Oct 26 I 10.00 a.m.- 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Free access

24 - 26 October 2019

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]