Per Capita


Photo: Kristof Vrancken

RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform, created in 1999. RYBN.ORG leads investigations in the realms of high-frequency economics and information technologies, writing esoteric datamining algorithms, inserting suicidal trading machines into the financial markets, perverting neural networks during their training phases, or hunting ghosts in the noise of data traffic. RYBN.ORG seeks to deconstruct and subvert the ideology, which lies behind cybernetic capitalism. The works of RYBN.ORG have been shown in numerous contemporary art exhibitions such as Infosphäre (ZKM), the Global Contemporary (ZKM), 2062 (la Gaîté lyrique), Stock Overflow (iMAL), El Processo Como Paradigma (LABoral), Gutes Böses Geld (Kunsthalle Baden-Baden), Nervöse System (HKW), Requiem for a Bank (HMKV), Média Médiums (Ygrec), l'espace Virtuel du Jeu de Paume, CNAP; and numerous media art festivals, such as ISEA, Transmediale, CTM, Pixelache, Cellsbutton, Ars Electronica.

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