Per Capita

Ryan Jordan [UK]

Ryan Jordan is a digital artist conducting experiments in derelict electronics, possession trance, retro-death-telegraphy and hylozoistic neural computation. His work focuses on self-built hardware, signal aesthetics, and the physical/material nature of experience. Jordan’s live performances make excessive use of stroboscopic light, high volume noise, and electronic stimulation of rocks in an attempt to induce hallucinatory and trance like states. He has presented his work internationally in a wide range of venues from art and academic institutions to warehouses and squats at places such as Transe(s) Symposium (Strasbourg, France), SPILL Festival (Ipswich, UK), Belluard Festival (Friburg, Switzerland), CTM Festival: CTM.12 (Berlin, Germany), Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway), ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Art (Istanbul, Turkey), and NEXT Festival (Bratislava, Slovakia). Jordan runs noise=noise, a research laboratory and live performance platform aimed at developing a network of artists, programmers, and researchers working in the areas of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts.