Per Capita

Dr Renee Sieber [CA]

Renée Sieber is a professor of geography and environment (jointly appointed) at McGill University, in Montréal, Canada. She is also affiliated with McGill's School of Computer Science, McGill's Digital Humanities Working Group and the Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre of Quebec. Sieber works at the intersection of social theory and computer code. She is best known for her research on Public Participation GIS/ Participatory GIS. She authored the definitive literature review of PPGIS, which has been cited over 400 times. In addition to PPGIS, she has written on spatial cyberinfrastructures (applied to the digital humanities but also to geostatistics) and geospatial ontologies (particularly applied to indigenous peoples). Sieber is currently researching the Geoweb and Open Data. In March 2013 she was awarded a $7 million grant to investigate how citizens and cities interact via the geospatial web 2.0 and open data. The grant has 26 researchers, including several GIScience luminaries, and 30 partners across public and private sectors, and civil society.