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Nabi-Alexandre Chartier [CA]

After having won the first edition of MusiquePlus' VJ competition, Nabi-Alexandre Chartier began his career there at the age of 17. Between 1999 and 2005, he hosted the show "Plus sur Commande" in which he interviewed hundreds of Québécois and international artists. Following this, and due to his passion for travel, Nabi became a European correspondent for the network. For two years, he produced televised portraits of Québécois artists on tour in Europe as well as European artists coming to discover the "belle province." Upon his return, Nabi headed to Northern Ontario where he worked as a journalist for the news magazine "Téléjournal Ontario," produced by Radio-Canada. He returned to Montreal in 2014 and has worked since then as a reporter and collaborator on a number of radio shows on Ici Radio-Canada Première, including "La Route des 20" and "Culture Club." He has also worked as a reporter on several summer programs, including "Sucré Salé" and "Par Ici l'Été." Nabi holds a certificate in management from HEC and a BFA with a specialty in Film Production from Concordia University.