Per Capita

Marko Timlin

Marko Timlin is a Helsinki-based sound artist, composer and musician. His performances center on self-made, sensor-based musical instruments connecting the physical world with the machine world. In addition to his work with analog and digital electronics, Timlin composes music for theatre plays and dance productions, creates sound installations and lectures at universities. Timlin employs technology in a highly poetic and austere way. His works are characterized by the imaginative, and often entirely alienated and distorted use of technology.

Many of his musical instruments and sound installations consist of components not originally conceived for musical use or are made out of discarded elements, which he fished out of trash cans resurrecting them to a new artistic life. Timlin is convinced that the artistic application of technology is socially highly significant, as it may be exemplary for a peaceful and enriching coexistence between man and machine, rather than a dystopian, oppressive and dehumanizing one.