Per Capita

Kelly Andres [CA]

Kelly Andres’ artistic efforts consist of experiential installations, artifacts, residues, and somewhat lively assemblages from her associations with different life forms. Aspects of “concepts hacked into process + materials” are stylized, or aestheticized, resulting in a gesture — accentuating, but rarely surpassing the human-animal’s continual suppression but desire for interconnectivity. The idea is to centre on and share obsessional attractors, random forms of experience, and semi-fictional narratives. Fusing alternate modalities with durational fields would be exceptional. Her recent exhibitions include: The Garden of Speculations at Articule (Montréal), le Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montréal), La Maison des arts de Laval (Laval, QC), Actuel Contemporary (Winnipeg), PIKSEL (Bergen, Norway), Cirque du Soleil Headquarters (Montréal), and Action Art Actuel (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC). Andres is currently writing her Ph.D dissertation on Vegetal/Vibrational Art (Concordia University) while simultaneously setting up a new biophilia based concept studio titled “Plant & Peradam” in Nevis, Alberta.