Per Capita

Jean-François & Jérôme Blanquet [FR]

DEMOLECULARISATION (Jean-François Blanquet et Jérôme Blanquet) explores the present moment and the potential for a new audiovisual syntax through "détournement," diversion, modification, mash-up, jamming, overflow and feedback. The Blanquet brothers physically engage with the machine for a direct, fragile, and instinctive narrative experience. Jean-François, sound artist, explores accumulation, permutation, overflow, and jamming to assign new meaning to the mediums at our disposal. He works with “cheap,” second hand, or even found objects and builds, distorts, and diverts texts and tools, images and sounds, to create devices that are more or less controllable. The wealth of media in circulation allows him to easily experiment with the art of the remix. As for Jérôme, video artist, he works within the realm of surprise and chance, at the intersection of experimental video and live performance.

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