Per Capita

Stéphane Degoutin & Gwenola Wagon [FR]

Born in Toronto, Stéphane Degoutin is an artist, writer, and researcher who lives and works in Paris. He conceives art installations, theoretical texts, and explores the notion of place. His main research interests are mankind after man, the contemporary city after public space, architecture after pleasure. He is the author of the Propositions / spéculations blog, co-founded the Terrorism Museum in an Airport and the collective Nogo Voyages, and is the author of Prisonniers volontaires du rêve américain (Editions de la Villette, Paris, 2006) as well as the photoblog Lost in Créteil. He created the online installations Googlehouse and What Are You?, and a temporary structure for "Here is where we meet." He teaches at Ensad (Paris).

Gwenola Wagon co-founded Nogo Voyages, Cela Etant and LOPH Laboratory. She has created a number of video, sound, and interactive installations in France and abroad, such as Globodrome, Hypnorama, Terrorism Museum in an Airport and Cyborgs in the Mist. She graduated from the Video Department of Interactive Research Studio at the National School of Decorative Arts, Paris, and is currently Assitant Professor at the University of Paris at St. Denis (Paris 8), where she completed her thesis entitled "Utopias of an Interactve Cinema and the Accessibility of Moving Images".