Per Capita

Darsha Hewitt

Darsha Hewitt is a canadian artist working and living in Montreal. As a recipient of the International Stipend for Young Artists in Sound Art from the Federal State of Lower Saxony and Braunschweig HBK in 2013, and of the International Work Stipend from Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst of Oldenburg (DE) in 2011, the artist is an Open Media masters student at Concordia University and a research assistant at Hexagram: Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies. She is a member of Perte de Signal, one of the most important media art collective in Quebec. In parallel to her artistic practice, Hewitt is also an independent technician, consultant and teacher.

She frequently works with international production studios, numerical arts organisms, media labs and universities. She is one of the organizers of the Open Source Residency Program at Perte de Signal. She was the coordinator of L’œuvre ouverte, the international PureData Convention in 2007 and a delegate to The Banff New Media Institute’s Grounding Open Source Hardware Conference, the first Open Source Hardware summit in 2009. Recently, Darsha became an associate of Casper Electronic.