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Christine Renaud [CA]

Christine Renaud is a social entrepreneur and CEO of E-180, which creates web and mobile matchmaking tools connecting like-minded people interested in learning from each other, one-on-one, in person. E-180 turns events, spaces and cities into peer-learning hubs through « brain dates » and works with great clients such as Airbnb, Dreamforce and C2 Montreal. Before founding E-180, Christine graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a Knox Fellow, focusing on informal learning and worked asa Podcast producer for New York-based Learning Matters. She is a contributing author to the book Knowmads Society and has shared her work with E-180 as a speaker in conferences such as C2 Montreal, Tech Open Air in Berlin and SXSW. She is an advisor for multiple emerging tech and social enterprises, notably in the context of Technovation Challenge for girls. She is currently training for a triathlon even though frankly, she can't run for her life.