Per Capita

Cameron Stiff [CA]

Cameron Stiff is passionate about the transformation of cities from engines of consumption and waste into harmonious and productive ecosystems with healthy, closed loop, localized urban-rural metabolisms. Originally from Toronto, he moved to Montreal in 2003 to study sociology at Concordia University. He has worked on urban agriculture and food systems projects in the community, university and private sectors, as well as climate change at the federal and international levels. Since 2012, he has been a managing partner responsible for finance and development at Compost Montreal, a social enterprise, and is a 2016-2017 Ambassador for CHNGR, a project of the McConnell Foundation's Recode Initiative in partnership with Concordia University, promoting the social economy and collective entrepreneurship in the context of redefining education. He is the treasurer of the Carrefour Alimentaire Centre Sud and sits on the board of the Urban Agriculture Laboratory. He lives in St. Henri.