Per Capita

Arcángel Constantini

Arcángel Constantini lives and works in Mexico City, where he was born in 1970. His multifaceted and experimental practice speaks to both formalism and conceptualism. His activities draw on implementations that give meaning to obsolete objects and events based on basic electronics and their operation, conceptual recycling, the construction of low-tech electromechanical systems and the extrapolation of ideas about different creative fields.

Active in the scene since 1997, he was a member of and is curator and independent manager at the Cyberlounge of the Tamayo museum. He was a member of the curator board at the Festival de Arte Electrónico Transitio Mx and formerly director of the gallery ¼. He is a recipient of the Rockefeller MacArthur grant for new media and is currently a member of the Sistema Nacional de creadores FONCA.