Reverence & Rave

26 October 2019

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]


21.00 - 6.00 (morning) I Reverence & Rave

After 12 years of celebrating digital art in all its forms, after countless performances, events, exhibitions, workshops, Eastern Bloc is forced to move from the neighbourhood it helped electrify, the Mile-Ex.

Therefore the public is invited to "DIY OR DIE" to pay tribute to its first home, 7240 Clark. The “DIE” in « DIY OR DIE » carries with it the idea, not only the ending of one phase, but the beginning of another. The night performances and dj sets on Saturday October 26 will last until dawn, marking the final major event ever held by Eastern Bloc at its uniquely memorable 7240 Clark location. Secret Secret Girl will read an obituary as one last reverence to the space.

dcoth - 9 PM
A study of purity in isolation, 31.limit forces pure intervals of intonation into interactions, resulting in a strong inharmonic spectrum through audio-rate summation and superposition. The multi-channel projection at times accentuates the clarity of the intervals – when each pitch is heard in isolation – and at others forces collisions that trouble the delicate system.

Stephanie Castonguay - 10 PM
Elettronica Povera focuses on listening to electromagnetic fields of our neglected electronics, such as small fans, toys, or a ready-made scanner head. The induction phenomenon makes is possible to reveal the complex sound matter of electrical currents, which are otherwise inaudible. These currents contain complex dynamics of movement and impulses, giving new life to these abandoned electronic objects.

Corazón de Robota - 11 PM
The Corazón de Robota is a sound performance consisting of synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, filters, and handmade distortions using electronic trash and chocolate boxes, incorporating errors and electronic aberrations. The instruments are patcheable (non-standard) modules. The signal routes always vary, generating a chaotic organization of textures, feedbacks, and random patterns that explore the rhythmic dimensions of noise. The generated sounds go through the spectrum of audible and inaudible frequencies, leading us through a sensory journey of physical perceptions, vibrations, frequencies and demodulations of cosmic messages.

Musique Nouvelle - 12 AM
Musique Nouvelle will be performing a Techno live set combining analog and digital synthesizers.

Kamixlo - 1 AM
Kamixlo's music lies at the riveting, emergent edge of grime, reggaeton, and experimental bass dimensions. The London-located producer's Demonico EP with Visionist's Codes X Pan label marked out bold, new territory between established poles. Kamixlo's unique sound resonates through the Bala Club events and his NTS show, which will soon be showcased on the forthcoming Bala Club compilation + a second solo EP. At the crux of new club movements lead by pan-latin diaspora artists, Kamixlo's music been compared to Berlin's boundary-pushing Janus Club, who just recently shared a two-room event with the Bala Club at Corsica Studios feat. M.E.S.H., Total Freedom b2b Sami Baha, Uli K, Chino Amobi and Nkisi, a.o.

softcoresoft - 3 AM
softcoresoft is a Montreal-based DJ, music producer, radio host and cultural organizer. Her sonic aesthetic fuses acid, hypnotic techno, rave music and broken beats.

/||\||\ (alias Milo Reinhardt) - 4 AM
Auto-Exorcism : Staring into it, you lose sight of your eyes in your own reflection. Senses turned off - you let it carry you through darkness. At the river's edge, you are a snake bound by the constricting bodies of others. Feel it pour out of you, a flood of mutant informatics. Reconfiguration of memories, processed through our shared present. The world has always been ending… This isn't it. It is your salvation. A record of transformation. Tell it you would die for her.

Secret Secret Girl - 5 AM
Secret secret girl emerged 100 years ago from the rubble of the underworld. It’s members Earth, Coin & Death weave art house punk to unknown levels. They have no released material or internet presence. The music and visuals are never the same. Every show is played like it will be their last.


Ticket (presale)

  • ​Member & Student  15$
  • Regular 20$


Ticket (at the door)

  • ​Member & Student 20$
  • Regular 25$

26 October 2019

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]