Instant Places + E.Payeur & P. Blasser

25 October 2019, 20:00 - 23:30

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]

  • Instant Places [CA]
  • Émilie Payeur [CA] & Peter Blasser [US]

20.00 I Performance by Instant Places

... for the colours diametrically opposed to each other ... are those that reciprocally evoke each other in the eye. — Goethe, Theory of Colours

In September 2019, Laura and Ian have been in residence at the Idea Exchange in Cambridge, Ontario to create a series of 60 monoprints juxtaposing areas of colour to create harmonies of difference, as translucent layers hover around the diametric oppositions of the colour wheel. Laura and Ian will also photograph the stages of work and use these images as source material for a generative, visual machine they program (in the software environment, Max/MSP/Jitter).

For Sight & Sound's performance "Watermark", Instant Places use modular synthesis and prepared guitar to spontaneously compose an audio field. It will evolve in parallel with a visual world being generated in real time, as images from the monoprint processes permute and morph in infinitely-varying transformations.

INSTANT PLACES (aka Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse) create interactive audiovisual performances and generative installation works for galleries and online platforms. They use constantly-evolving hardware/software systems that integrate physical and virtual image and sound sources, touch-sensitive interfaces, and algorithmic responses from handmade software instruments.

21.00 I Performance by Émilie Payeur & Peter Blasser

Something calm but full of energy at the same time. A live collaboration between Peter Blasser and Emilie Payeur.

ÉMILIE PAYEUR is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, Canada, active in experimental music and the visual arts. Her music, often described as minimalist and sometimes harsh, is largely based on no-input techniques and risk-taking. In her visual work, she is interested in the traces she perceives as remnants of actions from the past, as well as the manipulation of reality, for others and herself.

PETER BLASSER made a career out of electronic modulations, and making these intangibles touchable through nodes, case flexure, and radio fields. His company:, sells these devices to musicians around the world. He teaches the design of electronic instruments to his interns, as well as in workshops for larger groups. Some paper circuits can be downloaded from his website, printed out, and assembled to yield sound objects.


Ticket (presale)

  • ​Member & Student  12$
  • Regular 15$


Ticket (at the door)

  • ​Member & Student 15$
  • Regular 18$

25 October 2019, 20:00 - 23:30

@ Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark, 2nd floor]