Navid Navab [CA]

Navid Navab is a Montreal based media alchemist, multidisciplinary composer, phono-menologist, perSonifier, tabletop cosmologist, and gestureBender. Interested in the poetics of schizophonia, gesture, and embodiment, his work investigates the transmutation of matter and the enrichment of its inherent performative qualities.

Navid uses gestures, rhythms and events from everyday life as basis for real­time compositions, resulting in augmented acoustical­ poetry and painterly light that enchant improvisational and pedestrian movements. Navid currently directs the Topological Media Lab, where he leverages phenomenological studies to inform the creation of computationally enchanted environments. His works have been presented internationally at diverse venues such as: Ars Electronica, Contemporary Arts Museum of Zagreb, Kapelica Gallery Slovenia, Nemo Biennale Paris, Japan Society NY, milanOltre Festival Italy, Sonica Glasgow, and HKW Berlin.