Festival's curator: Martín Rodríguez

Photo: José Garcia-Lozano

Inspired by autobiographical experiences, Martín Rodríguez’s work seeks to explore a narrative through the juxtaposition of sound.

As a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator he draws connections between the intrinsic communications with sound to create emotive experiences that engage in the present. Currently his performances, installations, and interventions utilize unconventional techniques to expose the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies found in the cracks of the radio spectrum.

As the son of a Mexican immigrant and Polish-American, identity plays a central role in Rodriguez’s artistic explorations. Projects such as ¿ Quién es el que anda ahí ? (2019) explore fragmented memories of his heritage; and after a surgery from a brain tumor left him temporarily paralyzed he developed a pair of works, Radio Therapy (2016) and La Ofrenda (2018).  Notably Rodríguez’s work has been presented by the Musée d’art contemporain Montréal, MUAC (CDMX), Darling Foundry, Spektrum (Berlin), as well as various performances across Canada and the US.