Exploring analog video with VHS and glitch Art

30 January - 6 February 2021


10 hours workshop given by Rob Feulner, Guillaume Vallée and Ganesh Baron Aloir

On saturday janurary 30th and february 6 2021

From 2 pm to 6 pm



Rate : 95$ 

Membership (year) : 40$ student || 50$ regular

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This hands-on workshop will give participants the opportunity to become familiar with analog video and the most common techniques used in glitch art making. In the first part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with the different techniques involved in glitch art and analog video in order to create their own video glitches.  In the second and last part of the course, participants will build their own video mixer (a.k.a. "dirty mixer") to send unsynchronized signals, combining two images simultaneously like a corrupted TV signal. During the two workshop sessions some themes such as hybrid film and intersectional aesthetics will be addressed and may lead to discussions on the relevance of video art, its uses and the conceptualization of its artistic expression.


Rob Feulner is well-practiced artist in the manipulation, editing, and intermedia mixing of video and the machinery involved. His work utilizes video tracking errors and glitches to create visual narratives and immersive environments that confront our modern political malaise. Feulner often utilizes video manipulation devices in series; his work contains discrete but intricate layers and mature restraint. Feulner is the founder of Bleu Nuit Video, which curates underrepresented like-minded artists through DVD and VHS home releases. 

Guillaume Vallée is an experimental filmmaker, video artist, and independent curator. He develops expended, hybrid video art pieces and makes use of cross-medium forms that range from camera-less techniques to glitch and video feedback. He works mainly with Super8, 16mm, and VHS. Within filmmaking and theatre, Vallee attempts to treats all video, performance, and audio material as independent players in collaborative practice. Vallée’s work was been rewarded Grand Prix Dérapage in 2013 at the Yellow Ghost, and at the WNDX Festival of Moving Image in 2016.

Ganesh Baron Aloir is a transdisciplinary artist from Montreal. Graduating from UQAM in graphic design and visual arts, he quickly explored new technologies through his career. He creates a range of interactive experiences ranging from AR/VR experiences, interactive installation and large scale multimedia shows. In his personal work, he reflex on psychological and physiological reactions induced by light and sound. He works with a broad range of techniques, from electronics, audio and video synthesis to 3D animation and artificial intelligence. His practice revolves around the concepts of immersion, randomisation, creation of spaces and interactivity.




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30 January - 6 February 2021