Exploration in Video Art Through VHS And Analog Glitch

2 - 16 November 2019

3-Day Workshop by Rob Feulner & Guillaume Vallée

On Saturday November 2nd, 9th and 16th, 2019

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eastern Bloc, 7240 Clark, 2nd Floor, Montreal 
De Castelneau or Jean-Talon Metro || Bus 55 or 80 

PREREQUISITE: None. Open to all!

DESCRIPTION: This hands-on workshop will cover different processes and approaches to analog video, glitch techniques and aesthetics. The workshop is three weeks long, opening with an introduction to video glitch techniques and machines, wherein methodologies will be introduced to the class and participants are encouraged to create glitch art of their own. Week 2 will be focused on hybrid artforms, and how to include video glitch with film and performance. Week 3 will be a hands-on tutorial wherein participants will build their very own video glitch machine-- a “dirty mixer.”

DEFINITION: A glitch is an error temporary in nature. A glitch will exist for a moment, and can never be replicated exactly the same way twice. However, a glitch doesn’t need to be viewed as a failure, it can be considered a feature. Using VCRs and outdated machinery, we will be going out of our way to create analog video glitches as a way to energize a passive medium and to confront philosophical and social issues.

DAY 1: Introduction

Day 1 will serve as an overview of video glitch techniques. We will present different approaches to analog video glitch, as well as a detailed overview of the machines used in the process. We will cover video feedback, VHS manipulation, circuit bent processing, video synthesis, video mixers, and the digitization process. The second half of the day will allow the participants to use the machines themselves and are encouraged to experiment with different methodologies. A recording will be made of their work for the participants to keep.

DAY 2: VCR : a world of possibilities !

Day 2 will explore the world of possibilities when using video glitches and VCRs. We will discuss hybrid forms and intermediality-- combining analog glitch with film, audio, performance and installation. Topics that we will explore include:

  • Explorations of the different types of VCR, compatibilities / incompatibilities, and where to find the material.
  • Discovering video processing possibilities using the VCR (physical interventions inside and outside the machine.)
  • Why use VHS aesthetics? Relevance of its use and conceptualization of its aesthetics.

DAY 3: Build your own dirty mixer

Day 3 will be workshop teaching participants how to build their own analog video glitch machine, a “dirty mixer.” The dirty mixer is a video mixer that sends unsynced signals, meshing two images simultaneously in a style comparable to a broken television broadcast. The workshop requires no prior soldering knowledge and all materials will be available on-site. Participants can keep the dirty mixer for their future video projects!

Member: $125 || Student: $165 || Regular: $175

You are invited to BECOME A MEMBER and benefit discounted prices for 1 year on workshops, gallery and equipment rental and also free entrance to The Darling Foundry's exhibitions! If you wish to join the lab, a space for research and production (electronic projects and light manufacturing), please contact Marion Schneider at lab@easternbloc.ca

This workshop (valued at $660) is funded by Emploi-Québec and offered on a priority basis to permanent residents and Canadian citizens. If you are not in these categories, please write to Marion Schneider at lab@easternbloc.ca. Please note that Emploi-Québec requires you to fill out a form to participate in the workshop.

No refund can be issued once the transaction has been completed. Eastern Bloc reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case only, the training will be refunded.

2 - 16 November 2019