Trolling the Deep Web for Fun and Profit

15 September 2012, 14:00 - 15:00


Goerzen and Garcia will present a short introduction to the network known as the "deep web," "invisible web," the "darknet" and myriad other names. The TOR browser will be highlighted from a host of browsers designed to provide anonymized access to this area of the Internets and foundational deep web cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will be illuminated. A practical demonstration of its use and mode of employment will be followed by a cursory pontification of aesthetic and political possibilities such forms of networking might allow. Sites of interest will include the Hidden Wiki, Silk Road, and anything we find along the way. Bring your computer if you wish to follow along on this anthropological journey.  

Matt Goerzen is an artist and theorist based between Montreal, Berlin and Saskatoon. His broad areas of interest include seemless / organic technologies, philosophical realism, networked anarchism, anonymity as utopia and the negation of the subject / object distinction via a totalizing virtuality. Goerzen's main activity centers around an emergent aesthetic and theoretical entity he terms the "amject" - a hybrid subject / object, a virtual entity defined by its mediated status and need for remediation in order to be engaged with. Goerzen is a founding member of BOCA Gallery, a conceptual art project / collective which presents itself as the first commercial art gallery exclusively devoted to the exhibition and sale of virtual art objects. He holds degrees in journalism, philosophy and painting.


15 September 2012, 14:00 - 15:00