The Video-musical Instrument

1 June 2013, 14:00 - 16:00


Through his work in the field of audiovisual remixes, Cédric Chabuel has developped an instrument that allows for composition and performance with video, in a similar manner to the techniques used in the creation of electronic music. Images and sounds are performed off of a virtual score. In this workshop-conference, Ouananiche will present and analyze the practice of the video-musical remix: its birth, its practice as well as the issues that it raises. Chabuel will explain the techniques employed and will demonstrate several audiovisual composition and performance tools, culminating in his installation linking MIDI, CAC (Computer Assisted Composition) software, and VJing.  

Cédric Chabuel (Ouananiche) is an audiovisual artist based in Montreal. First noticed for his documentary L'Odyssée du Sample in 2001, Chabuel was an important figure in the underground techno scene. In 2003 he became Ouananiche, a VJ recognized for his original and narrative videos. At once musician, sound designer and videographer, he has also created multimedia and/or interactive works (Arteradio, Radio-Canada, National Film Board of Canada). Ouananiche relentlessly explores and redefines the passionate romance that exists between our eyes and our ears. His audiovisual performances, which intrinsically tie together music and images to the point that they become inseparable, have been presented in Canada and around the world (France, Turkey, China, Denmark, Belgium, Africa…). His work stands out for its human characteristics, at times incisive, and his use of technology does not exclude poetry, tenderness or humor. Always in the background of his works lies a motivation to create encounters between cinema and VJing, to push them together, to bring real-time manipulation into the movie theater and to use the evocative forces of film in the sometimes-disembodied world of electronic art.


1 June 2013, 14:00 - 16:00