Icestream: Connecting Remote Audio Streams

11 November 2014, 18:00 - 21:00


Maximimum number of participants: 15 
Free but please rsvp:

APO33 invites you to explore networked audio tools and live streaming via the software that they have developed, IceStream. IceStream is an open-source audio streaming software. IT allows you to connect to remote audio streams and to circulate them on the web, as well as in performance and exhibition spaces. GIASO, on the program for this new edition of Htmlles festival’s ZERO FUTURE, is an example of networked audio performance using IceStream (  

It is now possible to do live mixing and transmit the result in real-time from any place, as well as to any place, connected. It allows for the reception and transmission of sound instantaneously with other artists in faraway locations, to compose, and also to play, as well as stream content, or simply to mix different content in realtime, stream a DJ web radio…Entirely open source, it responds to a fundamental need in web streaming for collective artistic practices, in both performance and installation situations. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to install IceStream on a Linux system, followed by how to take it into you own hands in order to benefit from all of the software’s possible uses. Please bring your computer.  

APO33 is an association managed by professional artists who privilege intermedia practices: at a crossroads between experimental arts, sonic arts, digital arts, social and theoretical creativity. APO33 proposes a development of artistic research in the form of collaborations, new forms of writing and creative approaches and invites artists, theorists, researchers and the public to experiment through exhibitions, live evening events, concerts, performances, meetings and workshops.


11 November 2014, 18:00 - 21:00