Coding Workshop with "SHNTH"

20 December 2012, 10:00 - 17:00

Complete program of Objet Inusité 

The Shnth is a new digital device by The device synthesizes sound using a powerful Arm Cortex chip. What is most striking is how sensitive it is to body gestures, and it is these gestures that provide the dynamics for computer music sounds. During this workshop, participants will learn the new language "Shlisp" and will learn how to program it onto prototype Shnths via USB. The workshop participants will take part in a participatory performance using the programmed instruments on December 21st, the "Orchestra of Shnths." Participants must bring a laptop with USB and one of three OS's: Macintosh, Windows, or Linux.  

Peter Blasser, multi-instrumentalist since 4th grade, discovered electronic circuits, and their possibilities for infinite tunings and timbres, in college. He made a career out of electronic modulations, and making these intangibles touchable through nodes, case flexure, and radio fields. His company,, sells these devices to musicians around the world. Blasser teaches the design of electronic instruments to his interns, as well as in workshops for larger groups. Some paper circuits can be downloaded from his website, printed out, and assembled to yield sound objects. The cybernetic interface he proposes uses the subtleties of touch, through discrete components, often "woven" together geometrically, to simulate intuitive patterns and chaotic sophistication. His designs are spurred into existence to explore platonic or philosophical concepts, which then acquire a narrative, as they are refined into essential analog synthesizers.


20 December 2012, 10:00 - 17:00