Introduction to 3D scanning

15 - 29 February 2020

3-Day Workshop by Roby Provost-Blanchard

Saturdays February 15, 22 and 29th, 2020

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Description:This workshop is an artistic and technical introduction to 3D scanning. The participants will learn how to scan objects and spaces, process them, and integrate them in various tools, depending on their artistic practice. The 3D scans can be integrated in video games, video art, VR project, 3D printing, web art and more.

3D scanning allows artists and technicians to capture realistic depictions using standard or depth cameras (Kinect, etc). We will be using Skanect, AgiSoft Photoscan and possibly Meshroom for the scanning process and spend some time with Blender and meshmixer to clean and process your scans.

Prerequisite: Eastern Bloc and the artist will bring some Kinect for you to experiment with and you are invited to bring your computer and digital camera to the workshop.




    Round table - presentation of the participants/trainer and their approach.

    Slideshow on the different 3D digitizing technologies, its use in artistic and non-artistic fields, the equipment required, etc.

    Installation of the various software, SDK, plugin, and initial testing of the digitizers on the participants' computers.

Kinect & Structured Light Sensors

Participants will begin to explore with Skanect/ReconstructMe by scanning themselves and objects in the Eastern Bloc space. We will also see the tools in each software program that are used to clean and orient our scanning, as well as the export options for importing them into other software programs.

We will end the day by discussing the artistic potential of this type of digitization.

DAY 2 - Photogrammetry

Using Agisoft Metashape, participants will be introduced to photogrammetry, a process that allows the creation of 3D models from photographs. Photogrammetry allows the creation of photorealistic 3D models, but requires more patience. During the course of the day, you will have the time to make between 2 and 4 3D scans. You are invited to bring your camera and objects that you would like to transform into a 3D model. During the rendering time, we will discuss the material needed to make high quality scans and reduce waiting time.

Participants will also be able to use Meshroom, a free and open-source alternative.

DAY 3 - Processing & Integration

This day will be dedicated to the processing of 3D models in Blender. You will learn how to modify and use your new hardware to bring out the features of your choice. We will explore textures, distortion and some aspects of animation. We'll also look at the tools for creating high-quality 2D renderings.

It is also possible to do tests in software of your choice, depending on your practice. Frequently used softwares are Unity, Unreal, TouchDesigner, , Processing, Photoshop, AfterEffect and more.


Member: $168 || Student: $208 || Regular: $218


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This workshop (valued at $600) is funded by Emploi-Québec and offered on a priority basis to permanent residents and Canadian citizens. If you are not in these categories, please write to Marion Schneider at

No refund can be issued once the transaction has been completed. Eastern Bloc reserves the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case only, the training will be refunded.


15 - 29 February 2020