Summer 2014 : Jen Reimer & Max Stein

1 July - 31 August 2014


In the context of Eastern Bloc's Open Residency program, the centre has invited Jan Reimer and Max Stein to occupy the lab over the 2014 summer months. They will work on developing 'Sounding the City', a series of portable site-specific sound installations for urban sound environments. Jen Reimer & Max Stein share a fascination with reverberant space, urban soundscape and site-specific performance and installation. Drawing inspiration from the hidden harmony and secret rhythms present in urban sound environments, they create immersive multichannel sound works for processed horn and field recordings: conceived, composed, performed and recorded in the spaces themselves. 

Jen Reimer (CAN) & Max Stein (USA) have created a series of performances in locations within Montréal including the New City Gas Co. building, Square Victoria Metro, St-Urbain underpass, Bain St Michel and the Wellington Tunnel and at the Mãe D' Água (Lisboa, PT) and tunnel Bénedit-Jobin (Marseille, FR). They have presented sound installations at Métro de la Concorde (Laval, QC) the Goethe Institut and in an abandoned chimney in Skagaströnd, Iceland. They have collaborated with various festivals and organizations including Suoni per Il Popolo, Montréal Highlights Festival/Nuit Blanche, HTMlles (Montréal, QC), Audioparc & Galerie Verticale (Laval, QC), Nes Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, IS), Summer We Go Public (Skagaströnd, IS) and Sound Development City (Lisbon, PT & Marseille, FR). In August 2014 they will present their sound work at the Videosoundart Festival (Milan, IT), Live Arts Cultures (Venice, IT), Les Digitales (Lausanne, CH) and Charm of Sound (Helsinki, FI).

Eastern Bloc’s Open Residency program is an interdisciplinary production/research exchange between Eastern Bloc and a particular group or collective whose members may come from a variety of backgrounds: artistic, technological, scientific. The selected collective will be invited to spend time in Eastern Bloc’s lab, on an informal, regular basis, over a predetermined period of time ranging from one to three months. The purpose of the Open Residency is to provide a group or collective the opportunity to advance their research, experimentation, or production on a project (or projects) of their choosing. The residents would be encouraged to animate the lab through discussions and/or workshops thereby creating a dialogue between Eastern Bloc’s membership and the general public and engaging with a variety of disciplines. The group in residency would have open access to the lab and its tools and materials in addition to technical assistance from the lab’s coordinator and volunteers. The Open Residency is an invitation only program designed to host one collective annually (generally over the summer months). Groups, however, are encouraged to submit an application at any point during the year. Groups or projects that do not emanate directly from the digital art milieu will be prioritized. 


1 July - 31 August 2014