Felipe Lozano

  • WORK PRESENTATION : 22 November 2018, 18:00 - 21:00

Eastern Bloc is pleased to host Felipe Lozano, for a creation and production residency (Nov 2 -22) to develop the project entitled "Loneliness in Netflix times".

He will present his work at Eastern Bloc's gallery, Thursday November 22, 6pm - 9pm. Come to meet him and practice your spanish! 

Eastern Bloc sincerely thanks the República de Colombia - Ministerio de Cultura - Programa Nacional de Estímulos for its support as partner of this event. Eastern Bloc thanks Studio XX for its equipment support. 

The page is also available in spanish. 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION / We are used to create bonds that provide us with affection, but also with meaning: a partner, a family, a friend; whatever it is that makes us feel that we're loved, that we are being seen, or at least monitored. In that sense, even the smallest interactions always imply the possibility of giving meaning to our existence. Even if it is through a screen.

As an artist, Felipe Lozano questions the impact of technological development on effective relationships. Ironically, the tools we develop to get closer together end up isolating us even more. As individuals immersed in a neoliberal, individualistic, and meritocratic system, we live intertwined by the desire for a self-sufficient life in which we can feed our physical and emotional needs with a click.

So we attach to the company of the subjects on the screen, who exist, beyond the notions of documentary and fiction, in a showcase of affections, tutorials and products designed to appease the desire of a significand other, who is born, who loves, who doesn’t let us die alone.

BIO / Felipe Lozano (1994) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bogotá, Colombia. His work includes painting, photography, video and digital media. He is the co-founder of Infamia Colectivo, a group of young artists with an interest in new media and the impact it has on the generation born in the nineties. His work focuses on his personal history, going from his conception by a assisted reproductive technology, until constant questions about the human condition from his own experiences. His work, address subjects such as human desire, death, the origin of life, the way we inhabit and transform the world, the desire of man to transcend, to create new technologies to satisfice created needs, to reproduce, to improve the race, to consume, and to presume.

  • WORK PRESENTATION : 22 November 2018, 18:00 - 21:00