Puzzles - Updates


Dear contributors and members of our community, 

Eastern Bloc's team would like to thank you again for your support during its first fundraising campaign: the puzzle challenge.
It is here that you will be able to follow the production and delivery progress of the puzzles.  We will update the information every Wednesdays. 


Update - Sept 2: The production files are approved and will go into production shortly but no specific date has been set. We are in constant contact with the supplier. Everyone will receive their puzzles this fall but for the moment it is not possible to provide a precise date.

Update - Sept 8: Keep an eye out and check your spam box! A personalized email will be sent to all contributors by the beginning of next week asking you to check and confirm your puzzle receiving method, contact and address. 

If you do not receive our email but have contributed, we invite you to quickly contact us at dev@easternbloc.ca to update your information - some errors have been reported in the information sent to La Ruche from contributors at the time of purchase - these are probably typing errors that simply need to be corrected. 

Update -Sept 16: Following our email asking you to choose a method of puzzle recovery (delivery or pick-up), many of you have asked us what is the price of delivery. Indeed, this information would help you make an informed choice. However, it is impossible for us to give you the exact price since we do not yet have a puzzle in hand and therefore it is impossible for us to know the final weight. However, we do know that the price will be a minimum of $10, possibly around $20. As soon as we have a copy of the puzzle, we will contact you with the final price and you can let us know your final decision. In the meantime, we are happy to update your information to make the process as efficient as possible once we have the puzzles in hand.   

Update - Sept 23: The puzzles look wonderful! We are excited to see them live. They should be on their way to Montreal soon. We will let you know once we are informed of their date of arrival.

Update - Oct 2: Recently, we have asked all our supporters by email to update their delivery information and to share with us if they would like to pick up their puzzle or get them delivered. You didn’t receive that email? Please contact us at dev@easternbloc.ca

Update - Oct 28: Dear contributors, the puzzles are still being shipped from the country where they were produced (we were unfortunately unable to make them locally). Then, they will be processed at the border. We don’t know exactly when they will arrive but we know it’s quite soon. We will contact all of you once we have them. Thanks again for your patience.  

Update - Nov 10: Dear contributors, the puzzles have arrived in Montreal and are being processed at the border. We don’t know exactly what are the delays associated with this operation and we are not being informed about it. We will contact all of you once we have them. Thanks again for your patience.  


Update - Dec 18: Dear Contributors, It is with great joy that we can let you know that your puzzles are on their way! You should be receiving them very shortly. Due to the delay on our end, and in the holiday spirit, the delivery fees are on us; consider it a small gesture of gratitude for your support and patience. You will receive a tracking number via the phone number you have provided.

Should you have any questions or experience a lengthy delay in the reception of the puzzles, please note that Eastern Bloc is on break from the 21st to the 3rd of January 2021. In the event of a delay, please reply to this email and we will resolve whatever issues are at hand as soon as possible following our return date.

Thank you once again for your generous contributions and support; we will be announcing the recipients of the micro-prizes in our next newsletter.



Questions? You are not receiving our emails? Please contact us at dev@easternbloc.ca

A word to our contributors

Since the end of the campaign, we have been working hard - despite the impacts of covid-19, a reduced team and a new virtual work environment - to facilitate the layout, production and delivery of the puzzles through a specialized supplier. 

As an artist-run center and non-profit organization, we would like to emphasize that we are not a manufacturer, which is why we use the services of an international supplier to ensure the quality and consistency of your orders. We tried to have the puzzles produced by a local company but this was not possible. With the pandemic, our supplier's operations were affected by delays in customer orders due to the health measures that had to be put in place. All of these elements, combined with the general uncertainties related to the pandemic, greatly changed our timelines and delayed the delivery of your puzzles. We apologize for this and look forward to receiving them as much as you do.

We want to reassure you that despite the delays, all contributors will receive their puzzles and will be thanked for their support when the Emerging Artist Grants are awarded. We are in the process of finalizing the list of these artists and are excited to share it with you. 

If you have any additional questions you can write to dev@easternbloc.ca where a member of our team will be happy to answer you.

Once again, we thank you for your support despite the circumstances and challenges of this particular period.


Photo: Katherine Melançon, "Nature morte - Rivière des prairies II", 2019.
Photo: Adam Basanta, "Dutch Landscape with Tree in Foreground, 45 x 45 pixel grid", 2019.
Photo: Allison Moore & Arthur Desmarteaux, "Our Daily Bread", 2013.
Photo: Geneviève Lebleu, "leisure", 2018.