Letter from Martín to the Community


Thank You Eastern Bloc community,

Four years ago I was recovering from chemotherapy treatments when I came to Eastern Bloc to volunteer for Sight + Sound. At the time I knew very little about the media arts milieu but the festival peaked my interest. What I observed that weekend included a baby monitor feedback installation, an audiovisual performance using overhead projectors, a chewing orchestra, and an intense ritualistic post-human performance. Needless to say, I was inspired by the work I witnessed that weekend many of which are still burned into my brain.

Eastern Bloc and the media arts community in Montreal welcomed me during a time when I was searching for something new and when a desire for meaning and purpose was growing inside my heart. Discovering for my first time the vibrant avant-garde scene around the gallery and the lab, I was instantly enamored and felt welcomed. Over the past 10 years I know I am not alone in sharing these sentiments. Eastern Bloc’s strength lays in its ability to allow emerging artists to take risks, experiment with new techniques and serves as an epicenter for marginalized artists. This is what makes Eastern Bloc a crucial voice in the Canadian and international art scenes.

During my time at Eastern Bloc, I have worked as Technical Director, Lab Director, Co-General Director, and Curator. It has been one of the greats honors in my career to learn, share, and collaborate with the Eastern Bloc members and the media art community. I have been inspired by the countless amounts of performances and exhibitions that we have presented and it’s through each of these experiences that have given me the courage to pursue my own artwork and creative pursuits and step aside from my role at Eastern Bloc.

I wish to simply say thank you to all of the people I have had the pleasure to cross paths while in my various roles at Eastern Bloc and I look forward to collaborating with you on new projects that are on the horizon.


Mucho Amor!
Martín Rodríguez