A BIG THANK YOU to Darsha Hewitt!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Darsha Hewitt for her donation of material, components and electric devices completing and increasing the stock of Eastern Bloc’s lab!!

The lab is now so well equipped. All these donations will beneficiate to the lab members and the community of artists.

We thank you warmly Darsha to contribute to EB’s mandate and sustainability. This is a precious gift!

If you would like to contribute to EB, we welcome any kind of donation as long as it fall within our mission.

Darsha Hewitt presented many projects at Eastern Bloc’s gallery including a Data: Salon, various exhibitions, performances and more recently she has been part of our 10th Anniversary Exhibition in 2018.

She is a Canadian artist known for her examinations of communication technology in the domestic sphere as well as her use of DIY aesthetics and practices as an artistic method. She makes electromechanical sound installations, audio visual works, drawings, how-to videos and experimental performances with handmade audio electronics.

Hewitt exhibits internationally and is currently a fellow at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences. She is a Guest Professor in Sound Art at the Karlsruhe university of art and Design and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Media at the Bauhaus University.