It is with great joy that we announce to you the artists selected for the EB Micro-Prizes! We believe their work to be not only outstanding, but exciting and essential to the growth of digital art practice in Montreal and beyond. Please take the time to get acquainted with their work, if you are not familiar with it already:


Jacqueline Beaumont (https://jacquelinebeaumont.ca/)

Sahar Homami (https://saharhomami.com/

Ivetta Kang (https://ivettakang.com/

Hea R. Kim (https://heakim.weebly.com/

Michaëlle Sergile (https://www.michaellesergile.com/)


Once again, we would like to warmly thank all our Puzzles Campaign contributors for their generosity! Tomorrow, we will announce the artists who have been selected for the Micro-Prizes, which were financed thanks to this campaign.