Translations by HP Process

30 March 2013, 17:00

  • hp process
  • Hortense Gauthier
  • Philippe Boisnard

“Translations” is an audiovisual performance where sounds and images are produced in real time in a synaesthetic and hallucinatory logic.

It is a dive into the vibrations of speed and the temporal and spatial diffractions produced by travel, transfers, routes, connections, translations. From films made during journeys and a list of destinations, travel time, travel distance and means of transport, hp process built in real time an infinite travelling shot that explores the variations and visual distortions generated by speed. It is a crossing in the vibratory field of the video and the sound which unfolds from a hybridization between voice, text and electronic sounds, to go to an hypnotic noise densification.

The French duo hp process, comprised of artists Hortense Gauthier and Philippe Boisnard, is known for performances and installations that use digital technologies to explore the written word in its visual, sonic, interactive and generative dimensions. Their process consists of a combination of writing with digital tools (video, sound, generative and interactive systems...), exploration of transformations produced by digital written formats (web, social media, chat, mobile phones, etc...) and more generally a questioning of language, relationships and the body. The digital medium thus becomes a prism in the esthetic/poetic intensification of speech and the body.

The performance will be preceded by a workshop-conference given at the Eastern Bloc Lab. Click here for more information.

Eastern Bloc presents this two-part series in collaboration with Agence TOPO, in the context of their series Sortir de l'écran / Spoken Screen. Agence TOPO is a Montreal artist-run centre aimed at promoting the creation, presentation and distribution of New Media artwork exploring new narratives as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges. Sortir de l'écran / Spoken Screen is an ongoing program that presents multimedia artworks with a narrative and performative dimension, promoting visual, auditory, and textual research, on and off the screen.


30 March 2013, 17:00