Telematic Event

25 November 2013, 18:00 - 19:00

  • Joe Sannicandro
  • Andrea Jane Cornell
  • Silvano Mercano
  • Esther B.
  • Alyssa Aska
  • Simon Fay
  • Brian Garbet
  • Christopher Haworth

Eastern Bloc Lab invites its members and community to a networked musical performance, alternately called telematic music on Monday November 25th. The event will include real time performances by Montreal musicians Joe Sannicandro, Andrea Jane Cornell, Silvano Mercano and Esther B. and the students of Dr. Christopher Haworth’s telemusic course from the University of Calgary’s department of music. Together, through improvisation and experiment, they will interpret a graphic composition by connecting two geographically distant locations in a single space-time création.

The center’s event is the first of its kind to showcase a telemusical expérience. The aim is to explore the possibilities and potential telepresence technology gives us, as an instrument and vehicle for ideas. The performers and public alike are encouraged to tune into the features offered by this medium, such as delay effects and variations in sound résolution. The strengths and weaknesses of the system are equal créative components in the exercise. It is about experiencing presentness from different perspectives while taking into account the constant state of renewal that occurs in the exchange between digital sound space perception and our perception of the immediate environment. Investing in these sound scapes is about observing how they superpimpose and interlace.

Montreal artists :
Andrea Jane Cornell: accordion and homemade electronics
Silvano Mercano: banjo and laptop
Joe Sannicandro: mixing board, delay/loop pedal, and tape players
Esther B.: turntables

Calgary artists :
Laptop Ensemble: Alyssa Aska, Simon Fay, Brian Garbet, Christopher Haworth


25 November 2013, 18:00 - 19:00