Spoken Screen

5 December 2013, 20:00

  • L E M M
  • Helena Martin Franco
  • Nathalie Bujold

Agence TOPO presents a new edition of its new media performance series "Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen" with Montreal artists L E M M, Helena Martin Franco and Nathalie Bujold. Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen presents a program of new media works that offer a narrative and performative dimension as well as a focus on visual, sonic and textual research, both on-screen and off.

Video artist L E M M proposes Graphite, an amplified drawing performance. With the help of a video capture and projection device, small hand-drawn and sonified actions animate the screen. The interplay of different scales transforms the performer into the principle agent of his own drawing, thus creating an unusual dialogue between the artist, the projection and the public. Active in the fields of video and performance arts, L E M M has developed a hybrid practice combining new media arts, plastic arts and performance.

Helena Martin Franco continues the evening with her installation-performance "Le show de la femme éléphant : un coït multiculturel". Following up on previous explorations and web performances, "There is an Elephant in the room / Parlons de l'éléphant", the artist deals with issues such as perceptions of femininity through the personality of an imaginary elephant woman. Based in Montreal since 1998, this Columbian artist explores hybridization as well as the dialogue between photography, video, performance, installation and cyberspace. For this performance she will be accompanied by Chantal Dumas on sound design.

To close off the evening, Agence TOPO will launch the web site "Hourra pour la pitoune!", by artist Nathalie Bujold, which adds a dose of the rustic and vernacular to new technologies. A digital echo to her exhibit En Wing en Hein that was presented in several artist centres throughout Quebec, the artist proposes a playful website based on the staging of folk objects and animations using words from the Québécois language.

Agence TOPO is a Montreal-based artist centre dedicated to the creation, diffusion and distribution of multimedia works exploring new narratives as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings. Presented in collaboration with Agence TOPO.


5 December 2013, 20:00