14 November 2012, 18:00

  • LND4
  • D.N.P.

In the context of the 2012 edition of The HTMlles Festival: RISKY BUSINESS, Eastern Bloc, in collaboration with Studio XX, presents the first feminist Speedshow.

As a format for the presentation of online works, a Speedshow is particularly well adapted to this discipline. The selected works, through a curatorial process, will be exhibited publicly in an Internet café in the Parc Extension neighbourhood of Montreal, for a determined period of time. This Speedshow in particular will allow for risk-taking by presenting Net artworks outside of their traditional context, with a focus on feminist work, in a neighbourhood that situates itself outside of the regular artistic circuits.

With works by: Hannah Leja Epstein (CA), Violeta Vojvodic-Balaz (RS), Susanne Berkenheger (DE), Juliet Davis (US), Prema Murthy (US), D.N.P. (CA), subRosa (US) and lnd4 (DK/DE)

Location: Café Zone internet, 680 Jean-Talon ouest



SmartMom is a web project, detourning appropriated images and texts about NASA-engineered cyborg bodies and the technology of the Smart T-shirt (developed for remote battlefield medicine by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the U.S. military) to the uses of pregnancy surveillance and assisted reproduction technologies.


Constitution Pro

Initiated in 2011, D.N.P. stems from an interest to investigate--through intervention and documentation-based practices--the interruption of our public routines and the limits of personal space.

Prema Murthy

Bindi Girl

Bindi Girl (1999), one of the early works by Prema Murthy (former member of acclaimed collective Fakeshop) incorporates a covert approach to cultural criticism (a porn site parody) that cannot be mistaken for a vicarious experience of pleasure, even as it slips into a medium known to be dominated by pornography. The project explores the social/political/religious body as text and interface, and even cleverly plays on the etymology of “avatar” as the incarnation of a Hindu deity in human or animal form.

Juliet Davis

Pieces of Herself

Pieces of Herself is an ironic exploration of feminine embodiment and identity in relationship to public and private space. Using a drag-and-drop game interface, viewers scroll through familiar environments to collect metaphoric “pieces" of the self and arrange them in compositions inside the body. As each piece enters the body, it triggers audio clips from interviews with women, music loops, sound effects, etc., so that layered narratives form.


A Public Domain

A Public Domain is an installation and intervention in a wireless network. The project parasites an existing network structure and alters the browsing experience by excluding words that are not in the public domain. In this way business strategies of control and ownership are repurposed by turning the notion of the public domain into multiple inverted sites of risk and loss of control--A Public Domain literally becomes a public domain, but what is left are fragments and amputated information.

Susanne Berkenheger

Augmented Bombings

The location-based art service Augmented Bombings is an ironical response to the emerging augmented reality technology. By trying to draw attention to some potential risks caused by augmented reality, Augmented Bombings has become a risky business itself. It regularly scrapes past punishable acts like “harassment” or even “feigning commission of a crime” by informing people about upcoming 3D bomb placements in their surroundings.

Violeta Vojvodic-Balaz

Value Quest Bourse: An electronic allegory of Casino Capitalism

Powered by an input of online community, the Value Quest Bourse (VQB) brings an issue of value, labour, and accumulation of capital in the digital era. A gameplay depicts the perpetual movement of the social-economic-aesthetical metamorphoses of value, a never ceasing conversion of value into some sort of capital (social, economic, or knowledge capital).

Hannah Leja Epstein

McMickey & Air Jordan's Hyperspace Safari!

McMickey and Air Jordan are your Internet safari guides, until they are captured by the evil Copyright! Left alone in the desert of the Internet, you must play through this YouTube based indie game to make the Internet free once again! Dodge federal laws and meet new friends with whom you can overthrow oppressive web restrictions. Fun for the whole family.


14 November 2012, 18:00