Si serve il numero...

5 - 8 August 2015, 17:00 - 19:00

  • Alessio Mazzaro
  • Marco Campana

In the performance project "Si serve il numero...", the Italian artist collective S'ODINONSUONARE presents a “Public Office for Personal Imagination Diet.”

Artists Alessio Mazzaro and Marco Campana will explore the mechanical sounds that exist in the office space, for example the sound of a printer. They use these sounds as source material to create a musical composition that changes as Mazzaro prints and Campana scans documents. “Si serve il numero” is a sound performance personally created for every spectator to nourish the imagination. While Mazzaro observes the spectator and writes a “diet”, Campana, using tape head microphones, collects the noise made by the printer, transforming it in an evocative musical composition. The composed “diet” is then given to the spectator.

S'ODINONSUONARE asks all interested audience members to reserve a performance spot in advance. Upon arrival, each audience member is invited to present himself or herself on the “stage” with a personal ID. Only the person with the headphones will hear the musical composition, as it is created solely for that audience member.

S'ODINONSUONARE is an italian performance duo started in 2010 by Alessio Mazzaro and Marco Campana. The collective works between sound art, performance and interaction design. Mazzaro is a visual artist and Campana a sound designer. Together they investigate the use of technology in performance and the role of the spectator as a witness or performer. In 2013 they won the grant of mobility DEMO/Movin Up, by the Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage. In 2014 they were in residency in Amsterdam, where they created “Flex,” a project about suitable movement sensors for dancers. In 2015 they created a didactic webserie about Flex involving European contemporary dancers and musicians. They have presented their work at STEIM, Museum Musil, ArtVerona2012, Spazio Pelodrilli and in some performance and electronic music festivals. In the summer of 2015 they will be in Canada upon the invitation by Canadian artist Gordon Monahan.


5 - 8 August 2015, 17:00 - 19:00