10 June 2015, 20:00 - 22:00

  • Steve Heimbecker
  • Étienne Grenier

Agence TOPO presents another edition of its Sortir de l'écran / Spoken Screen series with RIPALIPER, a new performance from sound artist and composer Steve Heimbecker.

Since 2008, Heimbecker has written nearly 2000 cards comprised of word plays, puns and neologisms pertaining to daily events and the changing paradigms of artistic life. RIPALIPER proposes to remix the most recent of these statements translated into soundtracks by software that transcribes letters into sounds.

RIPALIPER is a performance where the hand-written notes are projected on the 3 large-scale video screens asynchronously to allow free associations of words, images and sounds, while a multi-channel soundtrack is mixed live in a quadraphonic environment. Since the early 1980’s Steve Heimbecker has been creating artwork for multi-channel sound systems, multi-channel data representation, audio performance, installation, large-scale sculpture, video montage, and fine arts in general. He lives and works in Sherbrooke, or in situ during various artist residencies or commissions.

Agence TOPO has provided support to create this project by Steve Heimbecker with the collaboration of MaxMSP programmer Etienne Grenier.

Steve Heimbecker is an audio artist, composer and designer of multi-channel immersive sound. His first octophonic composition was created and presented in 1992. Born on the Canadian Prairies, Heimbecker has retained a strong sense of the prairie landscape in his work inspiring many of his concepts. He has created sound designs for up to 64 discrete channels of sound plus 5.1 and Auro 9.1 surround sound. His work has won numerous Canadian arts awards (national and provincial), 2 Honorary Mentions from Prix Ars Electronica (Linz, AT): Interactive Art (2005) and Digital Musics (2009), and Mixage Fou 2013 (France) - Prix Jury - Auro 3D 9.1 (Paris, FR). For 2014 / 15, Heimbecker has been awarded a Canada Council New Media Artist-Composer in Residence at the Université du Québec à Montréal, École des médias - Faculté de communication, UQAM, as well as a residency at Agence Topo. His installations, audio performances, and compositions have been presented across Canada, Europe, New York City, and Lima, Peru. Heimbecker lives and works in Sherbrooke, Québec.


10 June 2015, 20:00 - 22:00