Prince of Arcade

11 November 2013, 20:00

  • Cristoffer Hedborg
  • Breakfall
  • Bigpants
  •  Erlend Grefsrud
  • Sophie Houlden

Presented by the Mount-Royal Game Society, with the support of TAG, Hexagram, and IGDA/XL.

THE PRINCE OF ARCADE IS BACK – For the 4th year running, we're packing the Eastern Bloc with unreleased indie gems for a wild arcade party – One night only! From wildly competitive digital showdowns to machine-mediated meditation, the games appeal to both player and spectator alike in a dynamic reconfiguration of the art gallery. Come on out for a night of electronic fever-dreams!

Games presented:

ELEVEN - Cristoffer Hedborg

Starwhal - Breakfall

Endlight - Bigpants

Myriad - Erlend Grefsrud

There Shall Be Lancing - Sophie Houlden


11 November 2013, 20:00