Prince of Arcade

13 November 2012, 20:00 - 1:00

  • Noah Sasso, DATATRAGEDY, Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga, hermitgames, Joar Jakobsson, Teknopants et Jan Willem Nijman

For the third year running, the Mount Royal Game Society is teaming up with Eastern Bloc to bring THE PRINCE OF ARCADE: Indie Games Showcase.

The gallery will be filled with projectors, arcade cabs, and controllers to showcase some of the wonderfully creative offerings that are about to hit the indie gaming scene. Gaming vets and newcomers alike are invited to come and sample the eclectic array — from blisteringly-competitive action games, to contemplative musical installations. Join us for a multi-sensory soirée of mystical and mythical dimensions.

  • Noah Sasso - BaraBariBall
  • DATATRAGEDY - Memory of a Broken Dimension
  • Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga - Panoramical
  • hermitgames - qrth-phyl
  • Joar Jakobsson - Rain World
  • Teknopants - Samurai Gunn
  • Jan Willem Nijman - Tennnes

13 November 2012, 20:00 - 1:00