Pixel Party: BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby)

12 April 2015, 14:00 - 16:00

  • Pierre Guiot-Guillain
  • Anthony Pilorzé
  • Aude Parfait
  • Deglazer
  • Claire

For children 2-8 years old (and all other ages welcome too!)

Eastern Bloc invites your children to come celebrate the end of winter in sound and image!

DJ Claire, well known in Montreal for her work at Laïka, will participate in this event and give her own musical touch of futuristic, funky, magical, space-inspired sounds and catchy beats.

We will party, but we will also teach a lot of different things to your children, offering a series of mini-workshops that will make them dance, move, but also imagine and create together. The first workshop, dedicated to the projection of visual effects, is inspired by the interactive theme of the four seasons. Particles will be generated to create projections of seasonal landscapes, which will transform according to certain parameters. Through their movement in space, children will define the shape, color and speed of the particles. Children will also stimulate their imagination by participating in building games (LEGO, cardboard, etc.).

Their work will then serve as support for live visual projections (video mapping) by visual artist Deglazer. In an immersive and dynamic environment, using online or offline tools, artists will accompany your children in creating visual projections. Pixel Party will be an opportunity for adults and children alike to meet in a creative atmosphere and to have fun.

Family 10.00$

12 April 2015, 14:00 - 16:00