PirateBlocRadio : In Situ [N. Dion & A.-F. Jacques]

24 October 2015, 14:00 - 15:00

  • Nicolas Dion
  • Anne-Françoise Jacques


"Wagons", Nicolas Dion & Anne-Françoise Jacques

Performance-intervention at Parc du Premier Chemin de Fer, Saint-Henri

The artists propose a sound intervention project based on the ambiguity between the space of radio broadcast and that of 'live' performance. In public space - specifically a former railway converted into a bike path between the two metro stations of the St. Henri district - the artists will improvise a live performance using magnetic tapes, DIY electronics and re-contextualized sound recordings. The result of this interaction will be broadcast using a short-range micro-FM antenna, audible via the personal receivers of the listeners, and a small radio network scattered around the performance site. Dion and Jacques are sound artists, who are particularly interested in the amplification of small objects, simple mechanics, and electricity.

Sound artist and musician (sound installations, performances, recordings and electronic music), Nicolas Dion is involved in several collaborations: a sound art project with Anne-F Jacques named Minibloc, the Citofono electronic music trio titled Intercom, and various other groups. He is also working on a solo project, Darcin.

Montreal-based sound artist Anne-F Jacques is interested in rotating objects, erratic systems and the construction of idiosyncratic devices and instruments. She performs regularly, is part of the collective Minibloc (with Nicolas Dion), and composes soundtracks for Julie Doucet’s animation films. She exhibited sound installations in many artists-run centres in Quebec and has performed in North America, Europe and Japan. She particularly enjoys the use of outdated technology, derisory objects and rough sound.


24 October 2015, 14:00 - 15:00