PirateBlocRadio : In Situ [S. Castonguay & S. Aubé]

7 January 2016, 20:00 - 21:00



7 January 2016, 8pm
"Pyrite-radio", Cristal ɡʁiʃ ("Cristal griche", duo composed by Stephanie Castonguay and Sylvain Aubé)
Performance-intervention at Eastern Bloc
Broadcast live on the PirateBlocRadio show on CKUT (90,3 MHz)

Under the name Cristal ɡʁiʃ, artists Stephanie Castonguay and Sylvain Aubé (Monnocone) propose to collaborate in a performance broadcast live on CKUT’s airwaves during Eastern Bloc’s PirateBlocRadio show.

Stephanie works with crystal radios made with mineral fragments and uses the body as an antenna, allowing her to capture and interfere with radio waves. The re-appropriation of these elements also involves the generation of delays from multiple sources. In particular, through the re-transmission of the performance in a physical FM radio station, by using a telephone in the station’s console, and finally through rebroadcasts via Internet. Monnocone’s participation will consist of a treatment of analogue synths, modules, and effects to both give a musical quality to Stephanie Castonguay’s interventions and add a completely new sound layer. Possibility of performing open to the public: all the instruments can be mixed and controled live.

Sylvain Aubé is an audio artist and a creator of electronic and experimental music, as Monnocone (a tribute to composer Ennio Morricone). In the last year, he has played on the local circuit of experimental music and art centers (Centre Clark, La Passe, La Plante, OBORO), as well as launching “Jaune”, an album of analogue music available as a limited edition cassette.

Driven by experimentation, Stephanie Castonguay’s practice explores processes and phenomena that leave traces. She researches notions of memory and chance by exploring small electronic audio circuits. She wishes to grasp the origin of the current technological landscape through its very essence, that is, materially, through its properties and related physical phenomena. Her work has been exhibited at the International Digital Arts Biennial as part of the Variances exhibition, at Nuit blanche de Montréal, Eastern Bloc, and the international Montreal/New Music festival. She has participated in residencies at the artist centre Perte de Signal and, more recently, at the art and multimedia centre Kër Thiossane in Dakar.


7 January 2016, 20:00 - 21:00