Objet Inusité : International Summit on Audio Art

22 December 2012, 21:00

  • Valleys
  • Agor
  • UN
  • Orkestar Kriminal
  • DJ Matteo Grondini

Eastern Bloc, in collaboration with Suoni per il popolo, invites you to the closing event for Objet inusité, international summit on audio art at Sala Rossa (4848 blvd St-Laurent). Because 4 consecutive days of experimental sound art isn't enough, we've put together an incredible line-up to celebrate the holidays and the end of the world with none other than: Valleys, Agor, UN, Orkestar Kriminal and DJ Matteo Grondini.


These Montréal art rockers have been busily writing a film score and retooling their live set as a duo. Fluxing between quiet dreamscapes and spastic noise, Valleys evoke the agony of delightful anticipation.

DJ Matteo Grondini

Mathieu Grondin has been involved in electronic music since his teens. Old raver converted to disco, he has participated in a ton of events and festivals in Montreal, which have all contributed, in some way, to his ever-growing "street cred" in the undergound party world.

Orkestar krminal

Gutsy and adventurous, these improv performers do inspired renditions of slum-based "world music" from a dangerously forgotten era. Along with their Yiddish gangster repertoire, Orkestar Kriminal has absorbed the Rebetika Mortika hash den anthems of the 1930s Greek underground.


UN is a synth-wave duo based out of Montréal. You might think electronic music can't hold its own in a raw, head thrashing environment but with this particular combination of delay and attitude, UN kills it sweetly and loudly by hitting you square in the pants with textured dance tracks you'll never forget.


Agor is one half of the pop group Blue Hawaii. A childlike exploration, carrying simple melodies and bell-like sounds at walking tempos. Live, the sound is much more akin to deep and heavy dance music.


22 December 2012, 21:00