Objet Inusité : International Summit on Audio Art

21 December 2012, 20:00

  • Peter Blasser
  • Gambletron
  • Jeremy Gordaneer

Eastern Bloc, in collaboration with Suoni per il popolo festival, presents Objet Inusité, an international summit bringing together 15 artists and curators from Montreal and abroad, to collectively explore and discuss the audio/visual aspects of digital art through non-screen based practices. Through exploratory workshops, artist presentations and panel discussions, and site-specific installations and performances, particular emphasis is placed on audio art practices that use the "object" as interface, concentrating on objects of an uncommon/non-standard/residual nature.

This 4-day event, co-curated by Eliane Ellbogen and Lisa Gamble, will explore how objects, imbued with a persona, may be activated by their user to take on a life of their own, in a performative or installation context. The presented works seek to examine how the activation of these objects allow for a spontaneous, accidental materialization of the hidden persona of these otherwise inanimate objects. They look at how an object, whether of a discarded or useful nature, can take on a cultural relevance, and how that cultural relevance can be reinterpreted and re-appropriated for an artistic context.

With performances by: Peter Blasser (US), Gambletron (CA) and Jeremy Gordaneer (CA)

Peter Blasser

Culminating a two day workshop of sound expression coding, Blasser will present a new instrument, the "Shnth", which is a sort of touchable, squishable controller for electronics sounds. Participants in the workshop will demonstrate their programs for this instrument, in solos and also in larger groups, improvising. The artist will deliver a presentation on the philosophy behind this new instrument.

Jeremy Gordaneer

The Cyclophone is a sound-making perforamtive deice, which was developed several years ago for use in a dance piece by Peter Trosztmer. As Gordaneer found bits and pieces of discarded, recycled materials, he would occasionally integrate them into the Cyclophone, while others would be sifted out. The Cyclophone is a combination of sculpture and sound.

Untitled Performance

Gambletron will take this opportunity to orchestrate an improvisational musical performance creating melody, loops, texture and sub sonic sound with numerous bowed bicycle wheels and a musical saw. Eventually the performance will incorporate an army of circuit bent children’s toys with a finale of beats. It will be a 45-minute journey.


21 December 2012, 20:00