Objet Inusité : International Summit on Audio Art

20 December 2012, 20:00

  • Lucas Abela
  • Yann Leguay
  • Thomas Bégin

Eastern Bloc, in collaboration with Suoni per il popolo festival, presents Objet Inusité, an international summit bringing together 15 artists and curators from Montreal and abroad, to collectively explore and discuss the audio/visual aspects of digital art through non-screen based practices. Through exploratory workshops, artist presentations and panel discussions, and site-specific installations and performances, particular emphasis is placed on audio art practices that use the "object" as interface, concentrating on objects of an uncommon/non-standard/residual nature.

This 4-day event, co-curated by Eliane Ellbogen and Lisa Gamble, will explore how objects, imbued with a persona, may be activated by their user to take on a life of their own, in a performative or installation context. The presented works seek to examine how the activation of these objects allow for a spontaneous, accidental materialization of the hidden persona of these otherwise inanimate objects. They look at how an object, whether of a discarded or useful nature, can take on a cultural relevance, and how that cultural relevance can be reinterpreted and re-appropriated for an artistic context.

With performances by: Lucas Abela (AU), Yann Leguay (BE/FR) and Thomas Bégin (CA)

Lucas Abela
Justice Yeldham

Lucas Abela performs under the name Justice Yeldham with his infamous glass instrument, the shards being nothing more than a giant diamond tipped stylus you vibrate with your mouth. He has been perfecting the instrument since its invention in 2003. In his performance, Yeldham ecstatically purses his lips against sheets of amplified glass whilst deftly employing various vocal techniques ranging from throat singing to raspberries, turning discarded shards into crude musical instruments. The results are a wild array of cacophonous noise that is strangely controlled and oddly musical. The instrument’s simple, original and effective premise is a welcome riposte to over complicated musical performances of modern times.

Thomas Bégin
Larsen Surf Mixing Board

Bégin’s “Larsen Surf-Mixing Board” is an audio installation and performance; a synthesizer that oscillates in the space, making use of feedback phenomena in order to generate sound loops. Crafted from electric guitars, amplifiers, speakers and string, the system develops and maintains sound schematics using its own structure without input from any external data. It is a self-regulating musical system.

Yann Leguay
A disc & a mic

“A disc & a mic” is the ultimate destruction of a microphone, functioning as a pick-up on a metal cutting disc, a kind of extreme turntable. A very physical performance, leaving absolutely no one indifferent at its end. The performance evolves in three logical sections: at the start, the feedback of the mic, corresponding to the device’s correct functioning, creating an ethereal and deleterious soundscape. Then, the attack on the mic with the noise emanating from the disc in a decrescendo until the signal is lost in pure noise. Finally, Leguay tries to maintain the "buzz" at the end of the performance to create an electronic drone. The sound is digitally treated in a subtle manner so as to keep the full materiality of the performative act entirely perceptible.


20 December 2012, 20:00