Montreal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML)

19 June 2015, 19:00 - 23:00

  • Mitchell Hermann
  • Matthew Schoen
  • Guillaume Campion
  • Guillaume Côté
  • Jason Charney
  • Krisjana Thorsteinson

The Montréal Contemporary Music Lab (MCML) is a 10 day performance and creation workshop exploring, celebrating, and creating bonds between performers, composers and sound artists engaged in the act of creating new music.

During the lab participants will take part in numerous lectures, rehearsals, master classes, concerts, social outings, collective meals, and spontaneous events. The whirlwind of activity will end in a concert showcasing the collaborative efforts of everyone involved. MCML is a workshop for emerging musicians with an open mind. For some, it is a first foray into contemporary music making and sound art; while for others, it is a chance to meet people and forge connections with others in the community. The Lab is a supportive environment in which to experiment, learn, and most importantly, collaborate in music making.

Composition of an 8-channel acousmatic piece. The materials of the work will be developed from recordings of performers in the 2015 Montreal Contemporary Music Lab.

An immersive and interactive sound and video installation, where the audience will have the opportunity to create links between dynamic elements, each with its own sound and visual representation.

Inspired by the Direct Cinema movement, this duo will compose a 30-minute acousmatic work of documentary character. The piece will record the passage of the St-Laurent river by the island of Montreal, dealing with aspects of its history, symbols, and identity.

An interactive installation where the audience will be able to create patterns on water with the use of sound and light.

A performance/installation where the artist will improvise music with her oboe. The improvisations will be electronically transformed live and transmitted through various speakers around the public. The public will be invited to manipulate the sounds by covering and uncovering their ears.

Regular 15.00$
Reduced 10.00$

19 June 2015, 19:00 - 23:00