Les Synthées: Eastern Bloc's Nuit Blanche

28 February 2015, 23:00 - 3:00


Eastern Bloc presents a night of music and dancing in the company of five women artists: Petra Glynt (Toronto), Xarah Dion (Montreal), Marie Davidson (Montreal), and Mathématique (Montreal), and the DJ performance of Babi Audi. Be ready to pull a (semi) all-nighter full of cataclysmic synth waves and entrancing electropop, in true Nuit blanche fashion.

Organised in the context of Nuit blanche on La Ligne Bleue


Bar Le Ritz PDB
179 rue Jean-Talon ouest

One could describe Marie Davidson’s compositions as dark-synth and psychotonic: rhythmic frenzy alternating with a languid, obscure throbbing, overlaid with a voluptuous lyricism. A unique voice on Montreal’s electronic scene, Davidson makes us travel across a gamut of emotions, through an intimate and interiorized soundscape. Her first solo album, entitled Perte d’Identité (March 2014, Weyrd Son Records), is a collection of corporeal, sensual, fleshly melodies, as well as an intimate search for identity. Let yourself be carried by her hypnotic voice and her poetic, entrancing melancholy.

Xarah Dion’s musical universe spans exaltation and sensuousness, the dream and the magical, while being deeply rooted in the obscure and painful side of things. Versatile and multi-instrumentalist, she skilfully harmonizes synthesizer, drums and vocals. Dion has described her first solo album, Le Mal Nécessaire (Novembre 2014, Zodiaque Musique) as “a reference to the pain, the undesirable feelings, or events that occur in our lives and are necessary to our development and well-being”. Her performance will be an opportunity for the general public to discover the experimental punk music of this iconoclast artist, sharing in poetic and musical experimentation.

Pascale Mercier, who goes by Pascale Project, is one of the finest emerging artists of Montreal’s electro-pop scene. Her music beautifully echoes a number of musical influences: jazz, rap, RnB, dance, etc. Pascale Project masters the syncretic art of merging together sounds and rhythms in order to create original work that refers to both the organic and techno-virtual aspects of the contemporary world. The brisk rhythms of her synth compositions, her contagious energy, as well as the sincere emotional depth of her lyrics are all reasons not to miss her performance.

Alexandra Mackenzie, known as Petra Glynt, resists categorization. Electro, folk, even punk if we consider her energy, Glynt creates her own rhythmic and psychedelic world, which she embeds in a rather minimalist and refined frame. High- and low-tech sounds, loops of all spans, electronics, pop and dance; but also a message transmitted by a powerful human voice, folk influences, all of which completely embodied in her own personhood - the organic and biological counterbalance to her technology-based practice. Glynt delivers it all with an essential pinch of rainbow glitter.

The ultimate goal of Mélissa Gagné, a.k.a Babi Audi, is to make you dance until the late hours of the night (the least you could expect on Nuit Blanche). Well established on the electronic scene, performance artist working with images and sounds as she brilliantly demonstrated during our Sight & Sound festival, she has a knack for making you move to her eclectic and catchy beats.

Picture credits: Petra Glynt.

Suggested contribution 5.00$

28 February 2015, 23:00 - 3:00